Project Empowerment

We have many of the best job candidates in the District.

Help us put them to work.



Who We Are

Project Empowerment, an initiative of the District of Columbia Department of Employment Services, connects D.C., Maryland, and Virginia businesses with District residents who are willing, ready, and qualified to work. Project Empowerment partners with businesses to recruit, train, match, and coach candidates for successful employment. We have many of the best job candidates in the District. Help us put them to work.

What We Do

Businesses thrive when they have a qualified workforce. Project Empowerment works with businesses by connecting them with candidates who have been provided with training, coaching, and job support. After completing this program, candidates have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience. In short, you partner with Project Empowerment to strengthen the skills of workers, thereby helping them to work toward a goal of permanent, secure employment.

Good For Business

Project Empowerment is good for business and we are seeking to expand this opportunity to even more Washington area business partners. There are many benefits to hiring our candidates, including:

  • Improved Business Performance: Pre-trained candidates will bring valuable skills to their work.
  • Support with the Hiring Process: Project Empowerment assesses candidates thoroughly to better match them to positions, which helps reduce hiring and turnover.
  • Connection to Skills: Project Empowerment connects business partners with candidates pre-screened for specific skills, decreasing the time spent filling vacancies.

Learn More

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